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From "Jeff Schnitzer" <j...@infohazard.org>
Subject RE: Java XSLT performance question
Date Thu, 16 Aug 2001 19:57:51 GMT
> From: Chad Johnson [mailto:chadj@leary.csoft.net]
>   Yes, currently I am parsing the stylesheet every page view.  Just a
> of clarification.  When I say '1s execution time' I'm talking about
> total time the application takes to fire up, do the transform, then
>   What methods would you suggest to skip the translation step every
> view?

You might consider using a simple MVC framework like Maverick.  Maverick
lets you define commands (urls) in a config file like this:

  <command name="runQuery">
    <controller type="org.infohazard.example.controller.RunQuery"/>
    <view name="success">
      <domify node="result">
        <transform path="queryResult.xsl"/>
        <transform path="lookAndFeel.xsl"/>

    <view name="error">
      <domify node="error">
        <transform path="queryFailed.xsl"/>
        <transform path="lookAndFeel.xsl"/>

The "domify" automatically wraps the JavaBeans model in a DOM fa├žade,
but you can also generate content from JSP, Velocity, and static
documents.  Caching of XSLT templates is of course handled for you.  So
far, observed performance is great.

The URL is:  http://mav.sourceforge.net

You might also want to look at Cocoon, but that is a *lot* more

Jeff Schnitzer

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