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From Russell Castagnaro <russ...@castagnaro.com>
Subject something similar to <jsp:forward/>
Date Tue, 14 Aug 2001 02:40:23 GMT
Hello folks,

I have an xml document which is generated using the esql taglib
included in cocoon.  Two of the elements that are returned are foriegn
keys in another taple (a lookup table) for the category and type of
item.  I can handle generating the lookup very easily with a
combination of jsp (the entry form) and xml/xslt as follows:

  <tr><!-- Row 1 -->
    <td><jsp:include page="awardCategories.xml?id=3" /></td>
  <tr><!-- Row 2 -->
    <td><jsp:include page="awardTypes.xml?id=1" />

  What I would like to do is use something like an import in my style
  sheet to do the same thing but in the stylesheet:

<tr><td >Category</td>
<td><xsp:god_knows_what ="awardCategories.xml?id="{Category}"/></td></tr>

<tr><td >Type</td>
<td ><xsp:god_knows_what ="awardTypess.xml?id="{Type}"/></td></tr>

Is there anything that works like this or would allow me to do this
sort of thing?

Thanks in advanced!


Best regards,
 Russell                          mailto:russell@castagnaro.com

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