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From Ben Coman <b...@sw.oz.au>
Subject Re: xml-commons XML API and API evolution
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2001 23:37:31 GMT
these a probably more mucky, but just so they are not overlooked, two

1. the distributions include a wrapper script which sets the appropriate
classpath for each application. This wrapper script is treated as _the_
application in all examples.

2. prepend the API version to function names. 
ie dom2_funcname(), dom3_funcname().

3. (Without know enough java) Is there any way that a .jar can set its
own classpath?

Edwin Goei wrote:
> Joseph Kesselman wrote:
> >
> > >Suppose a version of Xalan
> > >supported DOM L2 and a newer version of Xerces came out that supported
> > >DOM L3 then there would need to be two versions of xml-apis.jar
> >
> > Or, as you noted, copying the source code in at build time... but that
> > raises other issues; it means the order of Xalan/Xerces on the classpath
> > affects whether user code sees dom2 or dom3, which is not exactly obvious
> > at first glance.
> >
> > Or, since DOM3 isn't a Recommendation yet, the dom-experimental package.
> >
> > Or dom2.jar/dom3.jar; select the appropriate one.  Our whole problem is
> > that the bundled higher-level JARs don't deal well with evolution of
> > standard APIs; breaking those out as independent units has costs but does
> > have definite benefits.
> It seems that the issue of ordering jarfiles on the classpath is
> unavoidable which ever scheme is used.  It's true that having dom2.jar
> and dom3.jar does make it more obvious, but I see these disadvantages
> with this scheme (call it #2):
>   + Makes it difficult for the user since they need to set
>     CLASSPATH=dom3.jar,jaxp.jar,sax2.jar,xalan.jar,xerces.jar
>   + Does not fix the applet problem that I mentioned in an earlier email
> In Scheme #1, the single jar file approach, if xerces supported DOM L3
> and xalan used DOM L2, then the instructions would tell the user to set
> CLASSPATH=xerces.jar,xalan.jar.  If the user just wanted to use xerces,
> then they would just set CP=xerces.jar.  There is less to explain.  It
> also fixes the applet problem.
> So I'm not yet convinced that either scheme #2 (avoid duplication) or #3
> (a separate xml-apis.jar file) is the best way to go.

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