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From John Warriner <john_warri...@choicehotels.com>
Subject Schema - conjunction question
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2001 20:58:15 GMT

I have a question reqarding the order imposed on elements in a schema.

The document "XML Schema Part 1: Structures, W3C Recommendation 2 May
2001" says that a model group may be one of three types as follows:

" Model Group

A model group is a constraint in the form of a grammar fragment that
applies to lists of element information items. It consists of a list of
particles, i.e. element
declarations, wildcards and model groups. There are three varieties of
model group:

     Sequence (the element information items match the particles in
sequential order); 
     Conjunction (the element information items match the particles, in
any order); 
     Disjunction (the element information items match one of the

I am trying to define a complexType which may have its elements in any
order with the usual range of constraints on each element. Some elements
may have maxOccurs > 1.

I think I want a "Conjunction" (instead of a sequence) but I can't seem
to find an appropriate example of  how to construct such a conjunction.
Can anyone point me to some material which addresses this variation?


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