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From Donald Ball <ba...@webslingerZ.com>
Subject Re: +1 to Docbook ( was: Re: -1 to Anakia )
Date Mon, 16 Jul 2001 19:46:00 GMT
On Mon, 16 Jul 2001 cmanolache@yahoo.com wrote:

> +1 for docbook
> It seems we have "old" stylebook, "new" stylebook, "jakarta-site" style
> ( or however the DTD is called ). AFAIK none of those are clearly
> documented or defined - and we have quite a few variations already.

er, the 'stylebook document' format is very specifically documented, at
least in the cocoon repository - check out the dtds. anyways, it's
basically x/html with a few extra structural elements added for good

> Everyone outside apache is using either DocBook or plain HTML - for the
> simple reason that those are the standards. We like to use XML because
> it's "standard", but when it comes to the DTDs and tag sets - we invent
> our own format(s).
> The result of this is visible in the current mess of tag styles and site
> generation.
> The idea that each project can invent it's own set of tags for
> documentations doesn't seem to work very well.

the only problem with using docbook is that it's a huge language, and
writing a stylesheet to transform arbitrary docbook documents into
something else is a non-trivial undertaking. if we restrict ourselves to
using a strict documented subset of docbook, i'd consider it, but i don't
have the time to undertake that project.

- donald

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