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From Donald Ball <ba...@webslingerZ.com>
Subject Re: -1 to Anakia
Date Mon, 16 Jul 2001 18:43:13 GMT
On Mon, 16 Jul 2001, Robert Koberg wrote:

> >The only
> > thing it does that I do not know how to do with Xalan, Xerces, and Ant by
> > themselves is generate the jpgs for the TOCs. One real easy solution for
> > that is to switch to text for the TOCs., but I have no doubt there are
> > other alternatives.
> First, text graphics should never be jpegs. They should be gifs.  It will
> make the text much more crisp and legible. However for small fonts with
> antialiasing you are screwed no-matter codec you use. So do not anti-alias
> and if that is the case, just go with text.

you mean png's. and you should take a look at what batik is capable of.
oh, my.

> There are definitely other options (write a simple java extension that is
> specific to your needs). However I would vote for text (and maybe the
> background of a table cell) to be the button.

i'd vote for offering multiple skins, with vanilla css-styled html to be
the default.

- donald

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