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From David_Mars...@lotus.com
Subject RE: Capturing relevant source document during XSLT processing
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2001 17:46:39 GMT

Brian Tol again:
>What I'm looking for is a method of modifying the XSLT processor to
>record and output which nodes were used in a transformation...

No need to modify the processor; you might be able to do what you want
with modes, which allow multiple actions on a given input node. Or
maybe Xalan's "trace" options will give you console output that you can
capture and use.

>...to be used with a searching system that returns transformed
>documents based on relevant source documents...

This is still using that term "relevant" without explaining whether the
computer can discern "relevance" or whether a human is required. The
term "documents" is unclear as well: is this one-to-many? Or is it one
output document for each input document?
.................David Marston

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