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From Scott_B...@lotus.com
Subject Re: [Fwd: Introduction x2c XML to code scripting translator/generator.]
Date Tue, 31 Jul 2001 18:45:50 GMT

> The first rebuttal would be that made by XSLT.

Well, not from me.  I've seen a *lot* of code gen tools built on XSLT, and
I think XSLT is somewhat abused on this front.

(This is not a comment either way on the viability of x2c.)


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Not acked, and just FYI..
#ken    P-)}

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 Subject: Introduction x2c XML to code scripting  

Hello fellow programmer,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you a tool
which will surely prove useful. A small but unique tool called 'x2c'
offers capabilities for code and document generation from XML files.

I send this mail to a select few as a request for testing, feedback
and a poll of interest. Please pardon this unsolicited request.

'x2c' is a programmers tool. It features full scripting to produce
any desired output of given XML data. This tool was inspired and written
by a senior C++ programmer and therefore complies to scrutinizing judgment.

The first rebuttal would be that made by XSLT. The power of this definition
is well heard of by any who work readily with XML. However, producing flat
files and procedural output such as programming code is NOT trivial.
This is the reason for 'x2c'.

'x2c' takes an XML document and accompanying script and produces output
which can be, code to access a database which the XML document defined,
IDL definitions to produced COM interfaces, or any other flat file. The
can be C++, Java, HTML, XML, IDL, Word documents, or whatever...
'x2c' can even make preparing XML data for database scripting a snap.

Without further delay, please take this opportunity to evaluate 'x2c'.


Downloads @:


Feedback, x2c@wehlou.com public_relations@wehlou.com
For technical questions, x2c_support@wehlou.com

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