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From Bjoern Martin <mabj0...@fh-karlsruhe.de>
Subject Re: Are there specific user mailing lists for xalan and xerces?
Date Mon, 16 Jul 2001 07:28:30 GMT
> For Xalan, for now, you can post to the Xalan-dev mailing list. 
> There is a xalan-j-users and a xalan-c-users (I think) but
> they're not really off the ground yet.

But you may join them anyway, so they _do_ get off the ground some 
time :)

> Can't help you with Xerces. :(

Can help you with all of them: http://xml.apache.org/mail.html
Generally, there's a user and dev list for almost each project. 
Unfortunately, the new xalan-*-user lists aren't mentioned there yet. 
So sentd a message to one of those to be added:

xalan-c-users-subscribe@xml.apache.org (not sure if it exists)
xalan-j-users-subscribe@xml.apache.org (sure that it exists)


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