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From "Robert Koberg" <...@koberg.com>
Subject Re: cocoon is fundamentally flawed - Re: -1 to Anakia
Date Mon, 16 Jul 2001 18:05:53 GMT
fwiw, I would put that in big bold letters on the cocoon home page. That is
main reason I preach staying away (as others do). Cocoon 1 talks heavily
about separating content and presentation. I just assumed we had different
definitions of separation.

I did a good deal of work with cocoon 1, so I just skimmed the front page to
see if anything has changed.  It was not apparent to me after skimming the
page that this is the case, but I just reread it and looked at your pipeline
config file and that looks like the right way to do it :) Looks good. Do you
have GUI front ends for people to manage the configuration (pipeline) files?
Or are people expected to hand edit them (or create their own guis)?

It sounds like I have recently done a good deal of work that was being done
for me... Very similar design.

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From: "Berin Loritsch" <bloritsch@apache.org>
To: <general@xml.apache.org>
Sent: Monday, July 16, 2001 10:36 AM
Subject: Re: cocoon is fundamentally flawed - Re: -1 to Anakia

> Robert Koberg wrote:
> >
> > cocoon needs a processing instruction in the content.  The content tells
> > system what to do.  This is backwards of how it should be.  If the idea
> > to have reusable content then why polute the content right off the bat.
> Actually, this is a mis-statement.  Our whole conversation has been
> around Cocoon version 2.  That version of Cocoon does not require adding
> processing instructions.  It completely separates the content from the
> Before making accusations like this, perhaps you should investigate what
> have been talking about.  A lot has changed from Cocoon 1 to Cocoon 2.
> a whole new beast.

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