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From "Robert Koberg" <...@koberg.com>
Subject Re: -1 to Anakia [ or why the website is broken ]
Date Sat, 14 Jul 2001 14:50:55 GMT
are you guys talking about xml.apache.org? apache.org?

> 2. It needs to have an XML input format - we must eat our own dogfood.

this is a given, right?

> 3. It needs to be straightforward to learn and operate -  any committer
> update the documentation or regenerate the website.

I don't think you want that, you want the ability to push a particular page
or folder (including subfolders) live from the QA server -- maybe. This
should actually be part of the workflow:
- writer checks a box on some gui to give their ok it should be promoted to
qa (whoever that is, but there should be someone...)
 - qa checks a box (part of their qa system?--extra work) which indicates it
is ready to go live (or perhaps this pushes it live?).
- Meta-info, including workflow staus, information about the folders, pages,
general site structure and some layout info is all held in a DB or  in a
simple XML file under WEB-INF/xml/.
---- This is updated through a gui or direct editing/validating of the XML
document by the person making the content.
- Then daily, weekly this "config" file is read and the site is generated
with xalan's redirect extension and XSL.

> 4. It needs to be accessible to non-programmers - so that technical writer
> type folks can
> contribute to documentation.

The content needs to be TOTALLY separate from the presentation -- don't use
cocoon.  Content should be kept pure. The system should act on the content.
The content should just do what it is told, it should not do the telling.
This would need to be another workflow issue if content was submitted from
non-technical people who did not know anything about cocoon. And what about
the next guy? Will they have to do a transformation to clean up the XML?

Given pure content, the writer just needs to produce a simple docbook xml
document (don't tell me this is hard, especially with GUI editors that are
out now - in fact I have made/making a wysiwig tool... :).
- some users can create folders
- some have the ability to upload a plain text *.xml document or edit
through web-front-end
---- true content - that is, the pure transferrable, resuable content
---- floater content - that is, content that could float anywhere on the
page (according to the XSLT) and most likely would appear on more than one
page (e.g. "Check out Xalan3 beta! - blah blah blah")
- they can create  or assign xml to a particular page(s) (there are ways to
make this painless to the user)

voila, you have a page at next scheduled generation or perhaps there is a
trigger that allows a FEW (1?) people the ability to push content live
outside of the regular schedule (daily, weekly, whatever)

> As far as I know no one is working on fixing the site layout.  I think
> perhaps we ought to have a
> contest for the site design.

that would be fun!

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