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From "Brian Tol" <bri...@imagegroup.com>
Subject RE: Capturing relevant source document during XSLT processing
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2001 16:59:06 GMT
> > Brian Tol writes:
> > >For an upcoming project I'll need to be capturing the relevant part
> > >a source document during XSLT processing. For example:
> > >[Example doesn't explain WHY the element in question is relevant.]
> >
> If you are looking for an introductory book which explains how each
> of
> XSLT and XPath is interpreted by the processor in non-programmer and
> programmer terms, try the following:
> 1/ref=aps_sr_b_1_1/104-1224542-6158306
Thanks for the lead. I've actually done quite a bit with XSLT through
Xalan and Saxon and own several XSLT books. What I'm looking for is a
method of modifying the XSLT processor to record and output which nodes
were used in a transformation to be used with a searching system that
returns transformed documents based on relevant source documents (e.i.,
search the source documents and return the relevant documents based on
the source documents). 

I thought maybe other XML tools might have similar functionality of
recording such sets of nodes, so I started with the general list.

Sorry if my first post was ambiguous: I'll look harder at XSLT-specific


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