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From Edwin.F...@CommerceQuest.com
Subject ANNOUNCE: enableNet Business Process Integrator V3.0 Freeware Edition
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2001 16:32:50 GMT
We are happy to announce a special freeware edition of the enableNet 
Business Process Integrator.

This product should be of interest to the various XML forums because the 
entire set of EAI/BPI tools is integrated using XML with messaging and 
queuing. The toolkit contained within the product also provides a 
scripting engine with built-in support for loading, manipulating,and 
serializing XML in a very easy to use manner (similar to using record 
structures in C, C++, and Java).

This download provides a special freeware edition of the enableNet 
Business Process Integrator (Windows NT/2000 only). It is provided with a 
limited use license contained in the download. The download also contains 
product documentation for the Freeware Edition as well as the full 
function product.

To download the freeware version of this product, register at 
CommerceQuest's Developer Solution Center:


Registration is quick and easy. You will be emailed your username and 
password. Then, log in to the Developer Solution Center and click on the 
download banner or link to the right to download the software and 

If you have feedback about the web site, feel free to email 
If you have product feedback, please use the Ask a Question link on the 
download page.

We regret that we cannot provide any technical support for the freeware 

The Marketing Blurb:

Leveraging its strong transactional messaging foundation, enableNet 
Business Process Integrator provides organizations with a solid platform- 
and language-independent enterprise application integration (EAI), 
Business to Business (B2B), and Internet Application Integration (IAI) 
tool set. As a development and runtime environment, enableNet Business 
Process Integrator:

* Transforms and maps data from one format to another 
* Communicates among different systems and platforms 
* Shares data among different systems and platforms 
* Integrates your applications 
* Integrates your applications with suppliers' and customers' systems and 
* Turns systems into true transactional environments 
* Makes systems and applications work together through business processes 
* Supports XML data even when legacy applications don't support it 
* Uses databases transparently 
* Monitors processes and messages
Key attributes of this versatile and powerful development tools set:
* The core technology allows you to encapsulate applications and processes 
in an XML "shell" so that they can inter-operate with other applications 
without modification 
* Visual message mapping for data translation and transformation 
* Unified Modeling Language (UML) graphical business process composing tool 
* Flexible, platform independent scripting language, optimized for 
integration, which exploits the high performance data object model 
* Complete transaction lifecycle and status monitoring capabilities, 
allowing for business process monitoring, problem determination and 
* Support for Windows NT/2000, UNIX, AS/400, and OS/390 (z/OS) 
* Windows registry wrapper 
* Transparent database access across databases and platforms 
* Native support for DB2 and XML support, without requiring XML 
* Component based development tools for reusable building blocks 
* Wrapper functions for MQSeries, MQSeries COA, COD, Exception, Dead Letter, 
Expiry Support, and Tracking 
* MQSeries compression exits 
* Sample code 
* Support for C, C++, Java, Active-X, COBOL, and RPG 
* Debugger provided 
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