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From "Jeff Schnitzer" <j...@infohazard.org>
Subject RE: MVC (Servlet-->JSP) to XSLT delegation example or framework?
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2001 19:55:29 GMT
From: Mike Dierken [mailto:mike@DataChannel.com]
>I would like to see the 'domify adapter' portion as a component. 

Sure, we'd be happy to contribute the domify adapter to Apache and
continue developing/documenting it.

How do we offer it?  Should I send a piece of mail to the PMC members?

>The Apache Xang project was based on a similar concept - a virtual DOM.

>The Xang servlet used the request path to navigate down a virtual DOM
>based on the values of the 'name' attributes of whatever element it
found. >At any point an 'xlink' that referenced some java could 'drift'
>another virtual DOM. Something like <foo xml:link="java" 
>factory="org.apache.xang.xml.plugin" />
>I had some in-house code to do this for RDBMS data sources, but
>release it. Having an open source DOM datasource would be nice.

+1 :-)

Perhaps a project should be created with the purpose of exposing non-XML
sources of information as virtual DOMs?  The domify code from Maverick
would be the BeanAdapter.  A simple wrapper for java.sql.ResultSet would
be pretty easy to write.  What other sources would be valuable?

Jeff Schnitzer

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