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From Edwin Goei <edwi...@sun.com>
Subject Re: xml-crimson 1.1.1 release ?
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2001 16:40:35 GMT
GOMEZ Henri wrote:
> More on the crimson build :
> You could find attached a diff (jax.par in crimson dir and
> java doc regenerated).
> The problem I've got is more conceptual than technical.
> When you package a RPM (maybe DEBIAN), you should allways
> your build from SOURCES.
> When you build xerces-j, all the sources are available.
> When you build crimson, you only got crimson sources and
> need to use jaxp.jar binary.
> What about adding in crimson dir, http://xml.apache.org/dist/crimson/
> the jaxp 1.1 sources, to help packager meet the requirement of
> full sources access. May be just a snapshort in xml-commons ...

Yes, you are correct, the sources for javax.xml.{parsers,transform} are
not included.  In the build.xml file there is a comment that says they
are available in "xml-commons".  The tag that corresponds to the
contents of jaxp.jar is "jaxp-ri-1_1_1".  I realize its not as clean as
it could be, but that is b/c the xml-commons story still needs to be
worked out.  For example, right now xml-commons includes DOM and SAX
which is also included in crimson.jar.  So you can think of the current
solution as a binary distribution with source for the crimson parser

My thinking was to wait until xml-commons issues get sorted out and then
get code from there rather than duplicating the javax.xml.* source code
in different projects: xerces 1, xerces 2, crimson, and xalan.


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