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From Joseph Shraibman <...@selectacast.net>
Subject Re: Sometimes you need to throw the fish back...
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2001 19:21:24 GMT
Since jdk 1.4 uses jdbc3, of course jdbc drivers will now not compile. 
The bug is in the Sun documentation saying that 1.4 is compatible with

Sam Ruby wrote:
> Edwin Goei wrote:
> >
> > Oops, I sent a reply before reading this email.  I'd encourage you to
> > file bugs on the other components too (except the crimson bug which has
> > already been fixed).  There is a group of people dedicated to processing
> > bugs in Bug Parade and entering them into Sun's internal bug tracking
> > system.
> As I already indicated, I'm disappointed by the response to my first
> report.  Despite the web page from which I downloaded the JDK beta
> indicating that the JDK "is fully compatible with previous J2SE software
> releases.", it seems that a report of an incompatibility is not viewed as a
> bug.
> Since all I did was compile the sources, pretty much all of the "problems"
> were compatibility issues.
> There are two notable exceptions.  The first being the Crimson bug which
> you indicated will be fixed in the next beta.  The other being a potential
> regression in reflection/security found in Scarab.  I say potential
> regression as I don't know yet if it is a security hole that has been
> closed, a tightening up of checks that prior JDKs were lax on, or a bug.
> In any case, the project is not an Apache one and the owners do not seem
> predisposed to pursue it...

Joseph Shraibman
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