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From "Curt Smith" <smith...@dcor.state.ga.us>
Subject MVC (Servlet-->JSP) to XSLT delegation example or framework?
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2001 17:42:23 GMT

I'm needing to assemble a best of bread server side architecture to support multple
client types (HTML, VXML, WML).

The appserver vendors have their wireless/mobile framworks that are a range of
proprietary and not-well designed frameworks.   The Bluestone wireless framework
is MVC at least.  But I'd prefer source with the framework since the controller Servlet
usually needs custom domain specific code.

I'm looking for any subcomponent or whole parts of the framework that delagates
from the View JSP to XSLT to form the final output stream.

How about an example of how a JSP delegates to Xalan.  There's a sample
servlet but not how a JSP might delegate it's output to an XSLT input and the
transformed output being sent to the http.response stream??

Thanks for any helps.


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