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From cmanola...@yahoo.com
Subject Re: [xml-commons][VOTE] META-INF/services
Date Tue, 22 May 2001 21:07:18 GMT
On Tue, 22 May 2001, Davanum Srinivas wrote:

> Ed,
> Question #1: Should we populate META-INF/services with defaults? (my vote +1)

Big -1 - that would prevent any other parser/trax from beeing used!

The order is: system settings ( in java.home/lib/jaxp.properties ), guess
by finding the META-INF/services in classpath ( plug-and-play ), default.

If you have the meta-inf/services set in jaxp.jar, then no other parser
will be detected. 

And it's wrong - the services "announce" that a jar file is providing an
implementation for some API - jaxp.jar doesn't implement any. Xerces is
supposed to have a services/javax.xml.prsers...., xalan for transform. 

If we happen to not include them in xerces/xalan - it'll still work.

> Question #2: Should the parser defaults point to Xerces (my vote +1) or Crimson (my vote

I'm ok with xerces, as long as we don't include META-INF/services. You
just put whatever parser you want in the classpath, and it'll be used.

> Question #4: We need to add try/catch for SecurityException around
> System.getProperty("org.xml.sax.parser")? (my vote +1)


> Question #5: Should we add code to pick up "org.xml.sax.parser" default from META-INF/services
> be consistent across the board?) right now the code just looks at System.getProperty.
(my vote +1)

That should be done in org.xml.sax - but I'm not sure we can/should modify
the original APIs. 

If you think it's ok to do so - it would be just great !


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