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From Shane_Curc...@lotus.com
Subject Re: PMC Meeting minutes for 5/1/2001
Date Fri, 04 May 2001 15:30:51 GMT
Actually, I'd like to see us think slightly bigger: more like a full
subproject, with docs and the works.  Plus, should we have a directory
layer for externally-defined code versus apache-licensed code?  This seems
important, since the work being done on the different ones should be
treated differently.

    /src  - root of all source code trees

    /src/external  - root of all source code trees from external standards
    /src/external/java  - same, java only (obviously)
    /src/external/c  - same, C/C++ only (obviously)
    /src/external/perl  - same, C/C++ only (obviously)

    /src/java  - root of apache-licensed common code (or should it be
'internal' to match 'external'?)

    /xdocs  - XML-stylebook or other XML format docs checked in (I don't
care what format, I just want a clear area for docs for all items)

    /docs   - (not checked in) output of html or other docs in a distro
P.S. I'd really like to get some consensus before we start creating trees.
Perhaps we should check out the new mailing list (I hope it's up) and
congregate there for a couple of days next week to hash out issues?

- Shane
---- you Edwin Goei <edwingo@sun.com> wrote ----
So what's the next step for checking in code into this repository?  I
know of at least one issue that needs to be determined.  What should the
directory structure be?  As a first cut, here is a proposal:


I'm assuming people want to have different language bindings.  Comments?


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