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From Shane_Curc...@lotus.com
Subject Re: [xml-commons][VOTE] META-INF/services
Date Tue, 22 May 2001 20:02:00 GMT
Hmmm - this will take more thought, but here's my first reactions.
Can't wait until we can have this discussion on commons-dev! (I'm hoping my
subscribe message goes through now)

---- you Davanum Srinivas <dims@yahoo.com> wrote ----
> Question #1: Should we populate META-INF/services with defaults? (my vote
-1 from Shane.
I thought the JAXP 'pluggability theory' was that META-INF/services in a
.jar file should proclaim the actual implementation classes that that
specific .jar file provided.  Since the proposed commons.jar (name TBD!) of
SAX/DOM/JAXP will only be providing interfaces, etc., not implementations,
that .jar shouldn't proclaim that it supports anything.
This is, of course, subject to retraction should someone point out that I'm
mistaken on how JAXP is supposed to work 8-)

> Question #2: Should the parser defaults point to Xerces (my vote +1) or
Crimson (my vote +0)?
See Q1: -1 (except I'd vote for pointing to Xerces 1.x if we point
anywhere, since it's production-ready and in continued development)

> Question #3: The TRaX should default to Xalan (my vote +1).
See Q1: -1

> Question #4: We need to add try/catch for SecurityException around
> System.getProperty("org.xml.sax.parser")? (my vote +1)
+1 from Shane.  A no-brainer.

> Question #5: Should we add code to pick up "org.xml.sax.parser" default
from META-INF/services (to
> be consistent across the board?) right now the code just looks at
System.getProperty. (my vote +1)
+0 from Shane.  Seems like a good idea, as long as it's documented well

> Thanks,
> dims

Thanks for starting the discussion!
- Shane

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