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From Myriam_M...@lotus.com
Subject Re: How do I use a URIResolver?
Date Thu, 03 May 2001 13:20:28 GMT

Before looking into URIResolvers, which Source are you using? Are you
calling setSystemID() to set the base where URI's are to be resolved??
BTW, this is probably a better question for the Xalan list.


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                    05/03/01 01:40 AM               Subject:     How do I use a URIResolver?
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I've set up a class to do my transformations with Xalan 2 (which is much
easier than Xalan 1) but the includes in my stylesheets are being
referenced from the working folder rather than the server root.

I came across the URIResolver which should correct this problem but there
isn't any documentation on how to really use it.

Would anyone have any examples?

Anthony Ikeda
Web Application Developer,
Proxima Technology Pty. Ltd.

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