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From Scott_B...@lotus.com
Subject Re: Xalan-Java 1.2.2 -- Finalist in JavaWorld Editors' Choice Awards - details needed
Date Wed, 09 May 2001 14:26:14 GMT

This is my OK.  I assume the rest of the Apache xml community is happy with
you representing Xalan... if not they can raise an objection.


                    Shane Curcuru                                                        
                                         To:     Scott_Plamondon@itworld.com, Scott Boag 
                    05/09/2001           cc:                                             
                    07:27 AM             Subject:     Re: Xalan-Java 1.2.2 -- Finalist in
JavaWorld Editors'       
                                         Choice Awards - details needed                  

Scott P: Have you heard anything from someone else at Apache yet?  I'm just
curious if the press@apache.org address got you any response.  Since it is
an all-volunteer organization, you may not get an 'official' response from
the ASF, since I'm not sure about their policies on awards and such, nor
may they have time to work on this issue.  I can state that as an official
committer to xml-xalan I can certainly accept the award on behalf of the
community of developers who work on Xalan.

Scott B.: As an ASF member and an xml.apache.org PMC (Project Management
Committe) member, could you give me your 'official' blessing to accept this

- Shane

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To:   Shane_Curcuru@lotus.com
FromDisp:   Scott_Plamondon@itworld.com

Subject:  Re: Xalan-Java 1.2.2 -- Finalist in JavaWorld Editors' Choice


It's OK with us if you represent Xalan, but I think we need an official OK.
If you want, I suggest contacting whoever is in charge of this sort of
thing and volunteer. Let me know.




                    @lotus.com           To:     press@apache.org,
                                         cc:     apache@apache.org

                    05/04/2001           Subject:     Re: Xalan-Java 1.2.2
-- Finalist in JavaWorld Editors'
                    08:16 AM             Choice Awards

Scott - many thanks for the award!
As a long-time committer on xml-xalan I'd like to volunteer myself to
represent Xalan at JavaOne, especially since I'm already planning to be

Disclaimer: I cannot speak officially on behalf of the ASF or Apache, and
apologize in advance if someone from the ASF press office or the like would
like to make an official statment or send an ASF member as a
representative.  I'd love to represent the Xalan-Java community for this
award, but if someone 'official' at Apache wants to address this instead
just let me know.

Contact Name: Shane Curcuru
Title: Advisory Software Engineer
Product Name: Xalan-Java 1.2.2
Address: 1 Rogers St
City, State, Zip: Cambridge, MA 02142
Phone: 617-693-5118
Email: curcuru@apache.org

Dear Apache XML Project,

Congratulations! JavaWorld has selected the Apache XML Project's Xalan-Java
1.2.2 as a finalist in the Best Java-XML Application category of our
Editors' Choice Awards.

Established in 1997, the awards recognize those innovative companies,
organizations, and individuals committed to developing new Java tools and
technologies that drive the platform forward. More than 100 products and
technologies were nominated by vendors, readers, as well as JavaWorld
editors and writers. We'll publish the complete list of finalists in each
category by 5 p.m. PDT on Friday, May 4 (go to:

As a finalist, members of your product team will be invited to attend
JavaWorld's Editors' Choice Awards ceremony at the JavaOne Conference and
Expo from June 4-8 in San Francisco, where a winner in each category will
be announced. Invitations to the ceremony, with the date and location, will
be mailed in mid-May.

With that in mind, I need to confirm your organization's contact
information. Please let me know to whom we should send the invitation at
your earliest convenience:

Contact Name:
Product Name:
City, State, Zip:

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me at this
address or call 415-975-2651.


Scott Plamondon
Senior Editor

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