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From Steve Heller <st...@steveheller.com>
Subject Re: Why Java?
Date Mon, 14 May 2001 21:25:21 GMT
Actually, memory management and pointer problems can relatively easily
be avoided in C++, by employing a strategy of encapsulating pointer
and memory management operations inside infrastructure classes rather
than scattering them throughout the source code. By doing this, I have
almost entirely avoided such problems for the past several years, even
though I develop entirely in C++.			

On Mon, 14 May 2001 13:53:45 -0400, James Melton
<james.melton@cylogix.com> wrote:

>I think you need to ask why are so many new projects developed in Java
>instead of C++ rather than just limiting it to XML tools. 
>For us that comes down to an assessment of where we spend
>support/debugging/enhancement hours. Many of those hours with respect to
>C++ are spent hunting memory management and pointer problems. Java
>designers did their best to eliminate these. If we don't lose three
>hours hunting for a stray pointer or memory leak, we get to spend those
>hours doing something that contributes more directly to the business
>bottom line. That makes Java more efficient for development than C++.
>At the same time new projects are also using XML, so the requirement
>becomes an XML parser for Java.
>Shawn Hempel wrote:
>>      Why are most XML tools written in Java?
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