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From Edwin Goei <edwi...@sun.com>
Subject Re: [crimson] createElement/createElementNS
Date Wed, 23 May 2001 21:44:52 GMT
Christophe Jolif wrote:
> I now have a second issue in the same area. I redefined the
> createElementNS (non final) method to create instances of my own
> subclass of ElementNode2. However I still have a little problem, the
> setOwnerDocument method on ElementNode2 (in fact NodeBase) is not
> accessible outside of the crimson package, that's why I can't set the
> owner document on my customized elements in my createElementNS method
> (as it is done in XmlDocument method). It would be possible to set it if
> this method was protected or if the ElementNode2 constructor was taken
> the ownerDocument as parameter (I though about another solution that
> would not require to modify crimson: it was to redefine the
> getOwnerDocument() (not final) method on my subclasss of ElementNode2,
> however in some places in crimson code the owner document is not get
> through this method but directly by accessing the ownerDocument field =>
> this solution that doesn't require to modify crimson doesn't actually
> work).
> I think that if crimson allows to redefine the createElementNS method,
> it should in a way or another let the user set the owner document on it.
> Do you have a solution that I would not have seen about this or should
> it be corrected in crimson?

I just made setOwnerDocument() protected in the current CVS.


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