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From James Melton <james.mel...@cylogix.com>
Subject Re: XML based system architecture
Date Thu, 03 May 2001 14:42:12 GMT
The big problem seems to be dealing with a firewall between the Business
and Presentation layers. I think most people would consider separating
these two layers by a firewall to be overkill.

Have you looked into establishing a socket connection? If these
connections are long-lived you would be more concerned about throughput
than the time required to establish the connection. In that situation
using a socket with your own messages for requests and XML replies
should make marshaling pretty fast. Of course you have to work out the
firewall configuration that allows this as well as designing the initial
handshaking to establish the connection. If you want many short-lived
connections you may do better with HTTP, I'm not sure. 

No matter what you do it sounds like a lot of work. Hope to hear about
your solution,

Xavier MACHENAUD wrote:
> I want to separate the Presentation layer (XML server) and the Business
> Logic layer (servlet/cgi/...) by using XML 
> More specifically, what protocol (compatible with that fact that there
> could be a firewall between the 2 layers) can be used to query the BL
> servlet?
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