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From Shane Curcuru <shane_curc...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Bundle SAX+DOM+JAXP into commons.jar
Date Fri, 25 May 2001 01:59:56 GMT
Serious commentary this time... 8-)

+1 for xml-api.jar or xml-apis.jar; with the only
caveat that this filename isn't currently used
elsewhere (see end of message)

---- you Martin Stricker <shugal@gmx.de> wrote ----
> +1 for xavier.jar. It's nice! However, the mame
doesn't tell people what
> to expect inside like my last proposal
sax-dom-jaxp.jar, but xavier.jar
> can contain whatever we will think suitable in the
future, it's not
> restricted to APIs like xml-api.jar or xml-apis.jar.

No, it is a good suggestion (apologies if I offended
anyone's suggestions earlier!) But: this jar is
specifically meant to hold common, externally defined
standards API's that deal with XML processing.  To
start with, it'll be SAX, DOM, and JAXP.  To add to
it, I don't have any current plans to add more code to
it.  We want this .jar to be very limited to just
critical XML-oriented interfaces, since one of the
prime reasons for doing this is to simplify
dependencies!  We don't want to add anything more than
the minimums we need - and we probably want to
restrict this to interfaces as much as possible,
rather than any implementations.

As time goes on and xml projects find more 'utilities'
or common tools or whatever, we can add those to
xml-commons CVS and then ship them as individual jars
or as an xml-tools.jar - which will be a *separate*
.jar file from the xml-api.jar

I guess the point is: pick a name for the .jar that
just has SAXDOMJAXP, and nothing (or little) else. 
Later on, the xml-commons project will probably come
out with other, separate .jars or distributions that
inlclude any other tools/utilities/etc that we come up
with (for example: serializers).  It's OK for one
subproject to have different things in it! (Heck, look
at jakarta-commons!)

Important Note: Can everyone please search their
memories and their hard disks: are there any other
publicly shipped products anywhere that use either of
the names 'xml-api.jar' or 'xml-apis.jar'? I reallllly
want to make sure we don't create a .jar with a
potential name conflict with anyone's existing .jar!

- Shane 

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