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From Shane Curcuru <shane_curc...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Bundle SAX+DOM+JAXP into commons.jar
Date Thu, 24 May 2001 12:27:58 GMT
At the risk of looking like a fool because I do often
post to this list, and sometimes do it *before* I've
had my coffee (or equivalent) in the mornings: 
yowza, loox lixe wex gotx somx wildx namx ideax!  8-)

xavier.jar: Not that Xavier is a bad name (kinda neat
sound) but I just can't buy it for software.

saxdomjaxp.jar: or the all inclusive name:

xml-core.jar: I wonder if they work for Apple? (yes,
it's a bad pun, just move on if you don't like them)

xml-cmn.jar: abbrv cn certnly mk 4 shrt nms

xml-commons.jar: yeah, take the easy way out, just
suggest a name that's the same as the project

xml-shared.jar: yup, specially since Apache is big
into sharing

xml-initial.jar: what do we call the second release?

xml-waypoint.jar: I bet we could do some interesting
tie-ins with GSP and mapping systems with XML...

xml-service.jar: or, we could tie in with service
stations: fillup on gas and get a free XML file to go!

xml-facade.jar: but - what Patterns are really
represented in SAXDOMJAXP? Lotsa factories...

xml-front.jar: But I thought Apache wasn't supposed to
be political? (I'm thinking of the "XML Liberation
Front" - free the data!)

P.S. this really is just the sleepy portion of Shane's
brain speaking, so apologies if I've come across as
There are a lot of really good suggestions here, and
it's really nice to see so many people participating -
this is the kind of community that makes Apache work!

<eof msg="This is not my regular email account"
 humor="This is not Shane's actual brain today" />

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