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From Shane Curcuru <shane_curc...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: [xml-commons][VOTE] META-INF/services
Date Wed, 23 May 2001 10:44:32 GMT

---- you cmanolache@yahoo.com wrote ----
> > Question #2: Should the parser defaults point to >
Xerces (my vote +1) or Crimson (my vote +0)?

> I'm ok with xerces, as long as we don't include
META-INF/services. You
> just put whatever parser you want in the classpath,
and it'll be used.
+1 for making Xerces the hard-coded last resort in the
actual JAXP code,
-1 for putting Xerces in the META-INF/services
(I think that will be the consensus.  Ed/Costin, what
did you leave the hard-coded classname as?)

> > Question #5: Should we add code to pick up
"org.xml.sax.parser" default from META-INF/services
> > be consistent across the board?) right now the
code just looks at System.getProperty. (my vote +1)

> +1 
> That should be done in org.xml.sax - but I'm not
sure we can/should modify
> the original APIs. 
> If you think it's ok to do so - it would be just
great !

+0 from Shane.  We need more discussion on what it
means to have external sources checked in here.
First off, I'd really like to see only 'authentic'
sources originally populated directly from external
standards bodies or the like (D.Megginson, Sun,

Then the original sources should be tagged with the
specific name/identifier/version number that the
external standards body uses for that release, so we
know exactly which version of our sources matches with
what other people may have gotten from external
standards bodies (I'd call them 'ESB's but then I'd
think of Red Hook beer 8-)

I think we should then, after a discussion/vote on the
commons or general list, feel free to modify the
sources if we need to.  But a little caution is called
for so we don't give users compatibility problems with
their other pre-existing applications.

Oh, and we need to double-check licenses too.  I'd say
have our files all just point to the apache license,
instead of copying and pasting the text into every
file, and then have a separate license file for
top-level subdirectories that reminds people the files
there have a different license.
- Shane

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