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From Shane Curcuru <shane_curc...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: PMC: [VOTE] to approve xml-commons
Date Sun, 20 May 2001 03:26:59 GMT
Actually Scott is buried in Xalan-J new DTM work and
I've been busy trying to get our Xalan-J 2.1 release

But, you've kept me up late with a first checkin - SAX
2.0 r2 prerelease and the SAX2-ext 1.0 modules are
checked in, with a build-sax.xml file; I proposed a
name: commons-sax.jar, although we can change that if
people like (or have a meta-jar if we like).

I plan to checkin the 'right' copy of the DOM level 2
Java sources once I can find where they are.  Instead
of checking in externally-defined files from various
XML projects, I'd really like to try to get them
direct from the source that defined them; and put a
tag on marking the exact name of the externally
defined release.  Then if we want, we can make
specific fixes for apache projects in our copy
whenever we need to.

I'm counting on Costin to checkin the appropriate copy
of the JAXP files; presumably with
xml-commons/java/external/build-jaxp.xml and the
src/javax/* directories.

-- Please use caution in putting new directories in,
let's get consensus on more things to add first.
-- That said, I've made an executive decision to have
[java|c|perl|etc] be top-level dirs, then have an
[external|apache] level, then the normal set of
build-*.xml, src/, and xdocs/ stuff.  Later we can
have a master build.xml file that calls the other
build-module.xml files as needed (at least for Java;
you C/Perl folks are on your own!)
-- Let's try the experiment suggested by Craig and
others over in jakarta: we will *not* checkin ant.jar
or other Ant files: users should simply install their
own copy of Ant (and a parser), and we'll just supply
build-module.xml files.  (Makes support easier). But:
we presume Ant 1.3 at least.
-- Does anyone know the status of the two mailing
lists we should have for commons-dev and commons-cvs?
I can't subscribe to them yet...

- Shane

---- you Davanum Srinivas <dims@yahoo.com> wrote ----
> Scott, 
> I see that xml-commons is still empty... :( How
about kick-starting it with the common code
present in xalan?
> Thanks,
> dims

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