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From Hank Hurst <hhu...@kro.com>
Subject Re: HTML to XML???
Date Mon, 14 May 2001 16:19:52 GMT
I just recently converted an entire static html site to 
xml.  At the time there was no tool available that I 
could use to do this with.  But, once you set up the 
xml and xsl files it became pretty straight forwared 
and fairly easy.  Because the site was fairly large 
(150html pages with links to 2000 documents alone) it 
looked as if it would be a big task, but I xmlspy 
helped to ease the process. It took me about a week to 
completely convert it, from then it was just the 
tweaking of the code.  now there are just 50 xml files 
and two xsl files that control the whole site.  If you 
want dynamic xml content here is a good link that list 
some options.  We currently use the Oracel XSQL.


Quoting Pankaj Malhan <pankajmalhan@hotmail.com>:

> <html><DIV>
> <P>Hi ,</P>
> <P>I have a probem ,i had a large volume of static 
and dyanmic HTML pages
> and i want to convert this to XML and related XSL 
aslo.Is there any tool
> availabe or a API like Xalan that converts XML to 
HTMl or other forms.</P>
> <P>thx in advance</P>
> <P>Pankaj Malhan!!</P>
> <P><BR>&nbsp;</P></DIV>
> <P></P>Cant Buy Me Love??????
> STINKS>&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; <BR><br

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