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From cmanola...@yahoo.com
Subject Re: Help wanted: more qualified developers
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2001 06:50:35 GMT
On Wed, 4 Apr 2001, Andy Clark wrote:

> Scott_Boag@lotus.com wrote:
> > time for a couple of months, before the payback begins.  There is a real
> > short-term hit whenever a new member of a team comes on, and always the
> > risk that the person won't stick around for long enough to make it worth
> > while.
> A comment from experience: I have had a lot of people write to me
> directly to say that they were very excited to start helping out
> on Xerces and to ask where to begin. After offering them ideas of
> where to start and/or what areas that they could work on, they
> either say that they're suddenly too busy or disappear entirely.

If I may jump in, I don't think the problem is "mentoring" people,
but getting them "involved" - in the sense of letting them "own" a certain
module of the project. It's not easy  - and indeed most of the time it
doesn't work, but when it works it's just great. 

Offering ideas and areas to work on never worked for me, most of the time
people already have a certain "itch" ( and if not - they should find one
they care about ), and the challenge is finding a way to back off and let
them do what they want without feeling they're pushed ( many 
times they end up knowing more than I do anyway, but at beginning it's
painfull ). 

( with a bit of experience on tomcat-dev )

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