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From Santiago Gala <sg...@apache.org>
Subject RSS problems (fwd)
Date Mon, 30 Apr 2001 08:56:32 GMT

As some of you may know already, Netscape has stopped publishing the DTD 
for the RSS format version 0.91. (See for instance 
http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=01/04/28/2119211 )

This brings big trouble to Jetspeed, as a good number of publicly 
available syndicated channels used this format.

Also, recently xmltree.org stopped publishing a OCS format compilation 
of RSS channels, which also reduced the number of independent 
information channels available.

I have been thinking lately that Apache could provide users a trustable 
point to export information in the form of syndication channels. Although
not directly related with the Netscape problem, the issues are about the
same: there is no organization publishing free compilations of rss
channels, that can be used to bring news to header aggregation  portals.

This could be done easily:

- a form for users to register the channel URL plus meta information (we 
would not accept RSS v0.91 until the situation clarifies)
- a program that would sort using meta information and would publish one 
or more OCS feeds including this information.
- a tool that will flag channels that show no availability, and sends a
warning message to the publisher, to avoid having stale urls in the DB.

The ocs feed could be mirrored at will, if it is batch generated

As it is not properly a project, but rather a service including a small 
infrastructure project to enable it, I think we can discuss it without 
having a code base here.

We (Jetspeed) have already published a very small ocs feed, including
channels for 
Jetspeed and Turbine. A different story would be to update 
these and other channels for other projects with the latest development 
info and other news :) )


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