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From Shane_Curc...@lotus.com
Subject Re: [VOTE-counted +17] Proposal: new xml-commons subproject for standards-based files
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2001 19:21:45 GMT

Given the positive response and good comments on the general@xml list
recently about this proposal, I'd like to ask the PMC to put their blessing
on it and start the wheels rolling to form the new xml-commons subproject.

Although I haven't studied up yet on the physical details on starting a new
subproject (bad Shane! - like how many active xml committers are there
total?), it definitely feels like the right thing to do:
- we have a good number of positive votes (17)
- we've had good period of open and active discussion on the issue for the
past several weeks
- there have been no negative votes, nor even any notably negative comments
- we've sparked discussions about Java, C, and perl items for xml-commons;
sharing and coordination with both all other xml subprojects as well as
with jakarta-commons; and we've had several volunteers with explicit items
they'd like to do in xml-commons.

Therefore and forsooth we do beg to our honorable PMC that in their wisdom,
yada yada yada, can we start our new xml-commons project?  8-)

One addendum: as suggested by someone and as done in other projects, we
should have an xml-commons-cvs mailing list that sends out CVS notices
along with the xml-commons-dev list (or maybe just call it commons-dev if
you like and think it won't be confusing with jakarta-commons).

- Shane

---- From open general@xml.apache.org mailing list through 3pm 26-Apr-01
Original proposal at:
---- 17 Total committer +1 votes, plus 13 +1's for 4.c (allow all xml
committers) ----
+1 4.c Shane Curcuru <curcuru@apache.org> (my implicit vote with the

+1 and 4c Kelly Campbell <camk@channelpoint.com>

+1 4.c Arnaud Le Hors <lehors@us.ibm.com>

+1, and  4c Tinny Ng <tng-xml@ca.ibm.com>

+1, and  4c "Ted Leung" <twleung@sauria.com>

+1  (4.c) Elena Litani <elena@apache.org>

+1, 4.c Vincent Hardy <vhardy@eng.sun.com>

<ballot committer="arved" email="asandstrom@accesswave.ca">
  <vote issue="xml-subproject-proposal-commons-v1.1" vote="+1">
  <vote issue="xml-subproject-proposal-commons-v1.1-committers"

+1 and 4c. Andy Clark <andyc@apache.org>

+1 4.c "Jeffrey Rodriguez" <jeffreyr_97@hotmail.com>

+1, I vote for the least restrictive option, 4.c. Edwin Goei

+1 for the proposal. +1 for 4.d - all current xml.apache.org and
jakarta.apache.org :-) ( but I can settle for 4.c :-) cmanolache@yahoo.com

+1 for 4c Donald_Leslie@lotus.com

+1. Scott Sanders <satan@totalsync.com> (jakarta committer, don't know if
he's an xml committer, but he volunteered to work on coordination with

+1, 4.c Thierry Kormann <tkormann@sophia.inria.fr>

+1 from me. Davanum Srinivas <dims@yahoo.com>

+1 Scott_Boag@lotus.com

---- Other comments and non-committer votes ----

<ballot committer="" email="shugal@gmx.de">
  <vote issue="xml-subproject-proposal-commons-v1.1" vote="+1">
    <comment>A good and necessary idea! I'd like to contribute here.
     Also see below.</comment>
  <vote issue="xml-subproject-proposal-commons-v1.1-committers"
   vote="4.b or 4.a">
    <comment>I'm no committer, but I think we should get the
     number of committers low at least a this initial stage. Everyone is
     free to contribute code to one of the actual committers who will
     check it into CVS if they think it's useful.</comment>

"Once the /xml-commons repository is set up, I volunteer to check in the
latest JAXP code into /xml-commons.  Right now there are 3 different
projects with 3 different versions.  It'd be nice to have just one."  Edwin
Goei <edwingo@sun.com>


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