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From Shane_Curc...@lotus.com
Subject Re: Help wanted: more qualified developers - various comments -shane
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2001 04:25:43 GMT

A couple of topics & responses related only by thread...

---- you James Melton <james.melton@cylogix.com> wrote ----
> Here is an additional situation: Over the weekend I looked at bug 1170
> in xalan-j. Gary fixed this on Sunday. I didn't want to hold up
> development by saying "I'm working on this problem please no one else
> work on it." since I would still be trying to resolve it and I don't
> know exactly how long it would take me. I'm glad I looked at it and can
> see Gary's fix because now I'm in a position to ask him follow-up
> questions that will clarify my understanding. But I would also like the
> opportunity somehow to take ownership of the "right" bug and fix it
> myself.

OK, then short term, I;d say use your judgement, and jump in.  Having a
quick and efficient triage team that could parcel out or really categorize
bugs would be great - but, it might not happen quickly.  So in the interim,
just go pick somebugs that you think you can tackle (and aren't time
critical, if you're unsure) and put that note in the Bugzilla report that
you're working on.  Be honest, if you're not sure you can finish it, and if
you do have to go back to real life and drop it, then be *sure* to note
that back in the bug.  But otherwise, just go do it.  This is exactly one
of the things that Bugzilla is good to use for.  Later on I need to pow-wow
with a couple of testers and send out some additional guidelines for bug
processing (like any developers can attempt fixes, get any committer to
commit the changes and pend the bug, but only 'trusted' testers should do
the final close-out on the bug.) -sc

---- you rparr@TemporalArts.COM wrote ----
> I believe the establishment of a common base as has been repeatedly
> (ala AXDK, etc.) would help make it easier for new contributors to get
> It would reduce the learning curve and give new contributors a leg-up on
all the
> projects using the common base.

Yes, this would help, but be careful about not-well-defined terms like
'AXDK' - I'm not sure that even I really understand what that will be, and
I read almost everything on this list.  (Note: My earlier [DISC] Proposal
for an xml-core or whatever is *not* the same in my mind as an AXDK  - one
is more internally, developer focused; the other is externally, user
focused).  Yup, plus continuing to improve common developer-oriented doc,
like the overall xml-site website and such (improving links to mailing list
repositories that work and are updated; improving CVS and mailing list
help, better news pages that are updated, etc). -sc

---- >>Scott and >Ted discussed ----
> > I
> > believe that the only way Open Source projects will have true long
> > health is to have a true cooperative between both multiple companies
> > individuals.
> >
> Agreed.

Also agreed.  I think we're getting continually more help all the time,
especially on Xalan-J.  Yes, from the 'inside the paid developer lair'
point of view we've spent a bunch of time just trying to help the list out
and doing better doc/design, and now we're getting the help back from the
community.  Of course, all along, from my Apache hat, Xalan has profited
both from some full time team committers plus a whole bunch of regular and
irregular contributors, plus several part-time committers. -sc

- Shane, tired from all this travelling.

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