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From David_Mars...@lotus.com
Subject Re: Rounding (was: Strange XSLT behaviour)
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2001 22:20:47 GMT

James Melton responds to my point about XSLT format-number:
>Although the spec seems reasonable in deferring to the behavior
>of the JDK, DecimalFormat does not seem to document well what is does
>with the extra decimal places. I think the spec is therefore a bit
>shortsighted on this item.

I'll go further: DecimalFormat is underspecified in the Java specs, as
I've detailed in previous postings. I think that deferring to the JDK
turns out to be an UNreasonable thing for the W3C Recommendation to
have done. I'm sure that people familiar with the Xalan-C++ source code
can tell you how the lack of adequate detail requires obtaining a JDK
and reverse-engineering it. Further, not all the behavior of the JDK's
DecimalFormat is even common sense! Does anyone know why grouping-seps
in the negative-number portion of the pattern are ignored? For the C++
programmer, just doing what makes sense is not an option if you want to
conform rigidly to the XSLT spec.
.................David Marston

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