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From Andy Clark <an...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Exception Architecture (was Re: JDOM... etc.)
Date Mon, 09 Apr 2001 21:25:48 GMT
Scott_Boag@lotus.com wrote:
> processor.  Since JAXP 1.1 chose to specify TransformerException to be
> generic from SAX or DOM or whatever, the SAX exceptions have to be wrapped
> with Transformer exceptions.  And so it goes... checked exceptions can

Why can't people just agree to use SAXExceptions?! Argh.
I see that the DOM Level 3 stuff is going down the same
road. I would be much happier if they would define their
IDL to be similar to SAX (it's close but not close enough)
and then say that the Java binding of that IDL uses the
SAX exceptions.

> If we change the DTM to use checked exceptions, I have to change about
> 4,000 lines of code in Xalan that used to call the DOM but now calls the
> DTM to now handle the checked exceptions.  This is a fair amount of pain,
> and I'm not sure what it will buy us.

Are you proposing that we would define specific exception
classes that would extend RuntimeException so that we can
throw them within the code without needing to explicitly
state that the method throws that exception? If not, then
I have a problem with this approach.

Using existing code as a reason to not do things right
(depending on some definition of "right", that is) is
not a valid argument in my book. ;)

Andy Clark * IBM, TRL - Japan * andyc@apache.org

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