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From Martin Stricker <shu...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: [DISC] Proposal: new xml-core project for standards-based files
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2001 23:23:30 GMT
And another snippet mail... (whew, I missed quite much this week!)


Shane_Curcuru@lotus.com wrote at Fri, 30 Mar 2001 16:21:40 -0500:
> I propose a new xml.apache.org subproject to fulfill the need for a
> central repository for various XML standards-based files.  Comments on
> this specific proposal please, everyone! (not like I really have to
> ask... 8-)

This sounds like a Really Good Idea! If I understand this correctly you
want two things: 1) A central repository for external code which is not
altered by xml.apache.org. 2) A central repository for code which is
used in more than one xml.apache.org project and is coded at

Both parts should be clearly divided. We certainly should include other
languages than Java. For Perl there are some modules in CPAN
http://www.cpan.org/ which might be useful.

I think especially the second part should be very good for pushing
xml.apache.org to produce not just some single applications but a
framework of bricks (sorry, I can't think of a better English word for
it) that interact via a common xml.apache.org API or interface (like
Scott Boag suggested earlier). This API and/or interface should be
placed in the second repository so all projects can be sure all the
others are using exactly the same than they do. It's a kind of
inter-project standardization.


Scott Boag wrote at :
> Ah.  I hadn't realized that AXDK was the projects packaging proposal,
> I thought it was the API packaging proposal.  Reading too fast, I
> guess.

> I'm not sure why this couldn't be done by the same project.  A single
> project can certainly put out multiple zips!

I agree. We should have only *one* Common project. I got quite good
results in past and present projects with this approach: Each project
puts code they think is useful for other projects in Common and take
wahtever they can use from there. Of course you have to be cautious
about the interfaces: Never change a Common interface but add a new one
if necessary and maybe deprecate the old (and delete it if you have
assured no one is still using it).

Common solutions for end users might come in handy for development
issues, too. Wouldn't be the first time...

> Maybe xml-commons is the place to do testing utilities also???

> I know you want to limit scope at the start, but it would be nice to
> get these things rolling...

I think in xml-commons should all code be collected that is useful for
more than one project, regardless if it's already used more than once.
And all xml.apache.org projects should search in xml-commons first if
they need new stuff. This will help to standardize our codebases, and
why invent the wheel twice? ;-))

And by saying it has to get into xml-commons it doesn't mean it has to
get in there at once. We'll find our pace of development, don't be

On an unrelated note: Developing for xml-commons might be another easy
starting point for new developers! BTW the *first* thing we'll have to
do is documenting our APIs and interfaces!


+1 for the proposal.

Best regards,
Martin Stricker

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