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From Martin Stricker <shu...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: [DISC] Common "Native" Interfaces???
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2001 23:14:44 GMT
Andy Clark wrote:
> Shane's post brings up an interesting question (at least in my
> mind). While a new xml-core project can be just for utilities
> and common files, should we also have a common package (if not
> place -- i.e. CVS module) for common data structures? Note that
> this is quite different than the problem that Shane is initially
> trying to solve.

We should have only *one* "common" project. This can have subprojects or
subdirectories like for APIs (especially for communication and data flow
between the different xml.apache.org applications), tools,
user-interfaces, useful classes etc.

> Consider the "Xerces Native Interface" (XNI). We are creating
> a generic architecture for streaming info-set parsing and
> parser configuration. This is with the thought that it could
> expand in the future to include other things. Case in point:
> the Xalan-J team is working on DTM but we could find this
> equally useful in Xerces2 (even if just to remove the Schema
> dependency on DOM).

We should avoid native, i.e. application-dependant APIs! These APIs
should become standardized within xml.apache.org (maybe better for
overall apache.org) These APIs should be places in the xml-common
project. This would ease the use of our applications significantly: How
would you like to be able to read or write via XNI (or whatever it'll be
called then) from and to any other xml.apache.org application (where
this makes sense)? Note I use XNI only as example. This is the way I
would like xml.apache.org (and at last the complete ASF software) grow
to: Applications with standard APIs (which are well documented ;-)) - I
volunteer for that) so they all can talk easily to each other, a
software framework where I as user/developer pick the applications I
need for my chores and just plug them together without the need of
writing big glue code.

Best regards,
Martin Stricker

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