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From Martin Stricker <shu...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: Help wanted: more qualified developers
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2001 23:14:41 GMT
Doing some snipping again...


David_Marston@lotus.com wrote at Fri, 30 Mar 2001 15:34:55 -0500:
> Insider's view: If we could, we would have many more staffers to
> work full-time on this! We can't get that much money, so we spend
> more of our time on those aspects of the project that are unlikely to
> obtain sufficient volunteer support. We do a lot of the documentation
> now, but if documentation volunteers showed up (hint hint), we would
> move the paid people over to other things that are still neglected.
> The core of full-time people bolsters the viability of the project,
> meaning that volunteering here is more likely to pay off in a stable,
> well-exercised, and (sooner or later) high-performing piece of
> software for all.

I'd like to volunteer for writing documentation. Three problems: 1) I'm
a native German speaker and a bit weak at English so I'd need someone to
proof-read my stuff. 2) I haven't much free time... 3) I'm quite new to
Java (I'm a Perl and maybe C/C++ guy) so I'm not sure if I can be a
great help at all except in the one Perl project Xerces.pl. However I'm
willing to help. Just tell me how. ;-)


Kelly Campbell wrote at Fri, 30 Mar 2001 14:03:06 -0700:
> When two parties disagree, it seems it is best to let them go their
> own way. This does however discourage some developers from
> contributing. :-(

Personally I'd like to keep them united and include *both* approaches
into the product (with a compile option to include only one if anyone
doesn't want to blow her/his executables. The Linux kernel is a nice
example for that: It contains code for many platforms but only the code
for the used one gets compiled in.). I really like to have choices.
Sometimes this comes in very handy, it's quite like combining the best
of several approaches for a specific goal.


Ted Leung wrote at Sun, 1 Apr 2001 15:27:28 -0700:
> People that want to become Debian developers are assigned a mentor who
> helps them learn the ropes of the Debian packaging system & policy,
> etc.   I wonder if we could have some kind of arrangement like that.
> I'm a little wary of making it a formal thing, but I've had
> correspondence from people that leads me to believe that having a
> known person that was the "welcome wagon" for new developers would
> help them ease into the project.

Sounds like a good Idea. Anybody who volunteers helping me for becoming
a documentation contributor? *g*


Arved Sandstrom wrote at :
> One thing that would be cool: the XSLT to make FO from DocBook is
> constantly being improved, so the bar is being continually raised for
> us to support DocBook. If much or most of the XML Apache docs were to
> be DocBook, then there would be extra feedback on how successful we
> are in supporting this popular doc format. Just an idea - I don't know
> what format project docs, in general, are in.

I prefer HTML or plain text. I like HTML most because of the hyperlinks.
I really don't like PDF: It's proprietary and, most important, there's
no viewer available for the console. I do nearly all my development
under Linux in emacs directly in the console - no X (graphical User
Interface). I want the documentation to be viewable there!

We could add PDF documentation additionally if it's wanted, but it'll
blow the size of the distribution without necessity.


Best regards,
Martin Stricker

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