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From Andy Clark <an...@apache.org>
Subject [DISC] Common "Native" Interfaces???
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2001 22:05:09 GMT
Shane's post brings up an interesting question (at least in my
mind). While a new xml-core project can be just for utilities 
and common files, should we also have a common package (if not
place -- i.e. CVS module) for common data structures? Note that
this is quite different than the problem that Shane is initially 
trying to solve.

Consider the "Xerces Native Interface" (XNI). We are creating 
a generic architecture for streaming info-set parsing and
parser configuration. This is with the thought that it could
expand in the future to include other things. Case in point:
the Xalan-J team is working on DTM but we could find this
equally useful in Xerces2 (even if just to remove the Schema
dependency on DOM).

However, XNI is Xerces based and DTM is Xalan based. Shouldn't 
these be more general and not tied to any particular sub-project 
of Apache XML?

Just as a thought exercise, here's a proposal. Let's create
a package, org.apache.xni (with the thought that XNI would
then stand for "XML Native Interface" -- don't ask me why but
I *really* like the acronym "XNI" ;). Perhaps this stuff
belongs under org.apache.xml but at the moment we have the 
serialize subpackage under there which is a specific impl
of XML serializers. So re-using the .xml package would 
require some cleanup.

Then we could have sub-packages from that point that would
separate out the common interfaces and frameworks. For
example, the current XNI streaming info-set stuff could
be .pipeline and the parser configuration could be .parser.
Then we could have .tree for whatever is decided upon as a
common native document tree API. And so on...


Andy Clark * IBM, TRL - Japan * andyc@apache.org

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