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From "Randall J. Parr" <RP...@TemporalArts.COM>
Subject Re: Help wanted: more qualified developers
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2001 16:22:28 GMT
Scott_Boag@lotus.com wrote:

> A  good discussion to have is: how do we get better developer participation
> on the existing apache projects?  Is there anything the PMC or the projects
> can do procedurally to encourage more people to write code?

I believe the establishment of a common base as has been repeatedly discussed
(ala AXDK, etc.) would help make it easier for new contributors to get involved.
It would reduce the learning curve and give new contributors a leg-up on all the
projects using the common base. I also believe it would free considerable time
for the current contributors (as evidenced by hearing almost the same
discussions in many different Apache lists about how to reinvent the wheel ala
properties, configuration, logging, parsers, etc, etc.)

I feel the comments on documentation are extremely relavent. Full-time
contributors who have climbed the learning curve do not have as much need for
documentation. It is, however, absolutely essential for new and/or part-time
contributors or users to get involved in any kind of cost-effective way. I want
to help and contribute but it seems to take a very large commitment of time to
get involved (ie enter the priesthood) as contributor.

I believe documentation METHODS and STRUCTURE should be established and further
considered as part of the common base (again as evidenced by a lot of wheel
reinvention). It would be substantially easier to contribute "a paragraph about
this" or "an explanation of how to use/configure that" if there was some place
to hang the contribution. If the full-time folks and/or architechs of all this
fun could provide a large but empty outline of the development and/or user
documentation required/desired, documentation contributors could hang the

My $.02

Thanks for all the work; I'm enjoying eating all the fish.

Randall J. Parr
Temporal Arts

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