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From Kelly Campbell <c...@merlot.channelpoint.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Proposal: new xml-commons subproject for standards-based files
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2001 01:17:45 GMT
On Wed, Apr 18, 2001 at 12:40:15AM +0200, Martin Stricker wrote:

> Addition to <xml-subproject-proposal-commons-v1.1>:
> (1.1) Common externally-defined standards
> All xml.apache.org projects/subprojects should take the apache-external
> code they need *only* from xml-commons! This means if one project needs
> a piece of code it has to be added to xml-commons!
> Apache-external code has to stay unchanged!

I disagree with this Martin. There will probably be some external code
which only applies to one project, and will probably only ever apply to
that one project. An example is the Jimi imaging library in FOP. (Side
note: what are the legalities of distributing things under a different
license that isn't the apache license, but allows the same type of
flexibility?) If for some reason, the thirdparty code is used by another
project at a later time, it them becomes a candidate for xml-commons.

If thirdparty code must stay unchanged, how do we ever go forward? I agree
that in specific cases such as java interfaces, we have to be very careful
about what gets changed. The DOM api's come to mind here :-) Unfortunately
the only way to add new methods to an interface maintaining backwards
compatibility is to give the new interface a whole new name.

> - A styleguide? This would involve "pretty-printing" of the code (how
> much indention, indenting with spaces or tabulators, what to indent, do
> curly brackets get a line of their own...) This could ease the
> readability of our code, but I'm not sure if this much of reglementation
> is appropriate for an open source project. ;-))

That's opening a religious can of worms :-) The general recommendation is
to follow Sun's coding conventions for Java: 

Tabbing vs. spaces is an editor issue since most editors do it

But not everyone does for everything, including myself.

I find most code readable unless it's just packed too tightly together, or
is one of those obfuscated C contest programs :-)

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<camk@channelpoint.com>        Colorado Springs, Co.

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