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From Shane Curcuru <shane_curc...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Xalan Packaging / xml-core proposal
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2001 20:33:12 GMT
Stephane: There's already a discussion about this kind
of packaging on general@xml.apache.org, so you should
probably discuss this kind of cross-project issue over
For a good place to browse mailing lists and the
specific discussion/proposal, see:
(Has Scott's comments to my proposal)

- Shane (sorry for the cross-post, please follow-up
only to general@xml.apache.org)

From:     Stephane Bailliez <sbailliez@imediation.com>
Date:     2001-04-03 9:41:16
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Hello all,

I'd like to have some feedback on packaging problems
that arise here 

Since the early access of jaxp 1.1, to my knowledge it
was the first
spreaded sealed libs. Classpath problems that were
silently ignored by 
(un)controlled order of jars arose immediately.

For example it was not rare to use some apps that were
kindly shipped 
the DOM and SAX interfaces in one single app jar. (or
simply to stuff 
dependency into a huge jar of several MB)

So these days, chances are if you are using a parser,
a transformer and
another app, you probably end up with at least 3 times
the DOM and SAX
interfaces in your classpath. Okay maybe you need to
use another
parser/transformer for extra functionnality or because
it is needed by
dependencies by something you use. ergh... you
probably add another 
to your path.

If we look at the jaxp 1.1 final release:
- A JAXP jar containing the classes/interfaces about
- Crimson is packaged with DOM interfaces without the
traversal and
range interfaces (Thanks to Edwin Goei for educating
me about this) as 
as the SAX classes.
- Xalan is packaged with the same DOM and SAX classes
+ the optional 
classes + a JAXP interface/classes.

AFAIK at the moment if we are using Xerces and Xalan
(right from Apache
site), we end with:
JAXP*2 + DOM*2 + SAX*2

To come around this duplication/sealing problem, some
have repackaged 
and crimson to suppress the sealing or simply cleaned
up jars to remove
redundant code.

Wouldn't it be better to split the packages into
something like: 
sax2.jar, dom2.jar and put in the manifest something
ClassPath: jaxp.jar sax2.jar dom2.jar

Just a suggestion, this is also concerning xerces-dev,
but I just 
wanted to
have your feedback first.


 St=E9phane Bailliez
 Software Engineer, Paris - France
 iMediation - http://www.imediation.com
 Disclaimer: All the opinions expressed above are mine
and not those 
from my

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