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From Rajiv Mordani <Rajiv.Mord...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: A humble plea...
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2001 00:26:22 GMT
Hi Michael,
	The reason that it isn't part of JAXP is that it is one of the
things that the DOM WG is looking at as part of DOM Level 3 of which I
believe there is a draft. However there is a way around this and that is
to use the javax.xml.transform package. Create a transformer without any
stylesheet associated and use that with the result being an instance of
StreamResult to write it out.

- Rajiv


On Mon, 5 Mar 2001, Michael P. Wilson wrote:

> I throw my self upon the mercy of the forum...
> I just picked up the Deitel XML book.  It has a couple cute examples in it
> so I figured what the heck.
> For serialization of "Document" objects they use an XmlDocument from the
> com.sun.xml.tree package.
> I've looked everywhere I could think to look.  Inside jaxp, Xerces (just in
> case) and some embarrasing last resorts.  Nothing.
> Apparently com.sun.xml is from "Sun Microsystem's internal XML API".
> So am I looking in the wrong place?  Or is Deitel using undocumented code as
> a core feature of their book examples (he asks while loading 9mm
> hollow-points)?
> That (almost) aside... What's the "right" way to serialize a DOM object to a
> (text) stream?  Or do I just have to do the traversal myself.
> TIA,
> - Mike
> Lead me, oh masters, to TFM that I may R it.
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