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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <di...@covalent.net>
Subject [VOTE] - Additional instructions - as currently sent to all committers
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2001 20:11:42 GMT
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Thanks all of you who have voted already - for those who have not
yet done so -- please do :-) 

Here are some additional instructions/information:

1	Changing your vote.

	If you want to change your vote; simply
	send another version of the template to
	Ben@apache.org and Jim@apache.org. They
	will count your most recent submission
	(as judged from the date) which gets in
	prior to the deadline.

2.	Subject: [VOTE] XML PMC

	Please be so kind to label any submissions
	with the above subject string. If you have
	not yet done so - you do NOT need to resend
	them - they will be counted. This is just
	for convenience of the counters.

3.	Vincent Hardy and Scott Boag provided the
	attached/updated volunteer descriptions.
	If this changes your vote - see item 1 :-)

Thanks every one !


1.    Scott Boag
2.    Xalan Developer
3.    IBM
4.    My primary interest in the PMC is to build a larger technical
      community that builds a robust set of technologies that are cleanly
      coordinated.  I am deeply in touch with the software requirements and
      architectual issues between XML projects.  I am also a member of the W3C
      XSL working group, and am fairly involved in W3C issues and other standards
      activities.  My primary interest is technical, so I'm somewhat on the
      border about being on the PMC, since it is still unclear to me who is going
      to define technical coordination.  I'm not a marketing person, and I don't
      care so much about legal issues. But I also don't think that reasonable
      robust architecture can be done without some structured coordination, which
      is what I'm interested in.

1.    Vincent Hardy
2.    Batik co-founder.
3.    Employee of Sun Microsystems. Member of the W3C SVG working group.
4.    Represent the Batik group. Motivated to help coordinate efforts with 
      other groups such as FOP or Cocoon when needed. Interested in making
      Batik consistent with the other xml.apache.org projects.

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