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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <di...@covalent.net>
Subject Results of all the recent votes
Date Sun, 11 Mar 2001 21:08:17 GMT
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Thanks for all the help in getting this PMC going. Firstly size:

Though a bit muddled -due to separate vote's called for and messages crossing; 
there where at least 11 +1's for the '5 people sized' proposal(s) and no veto's.
So 5 it is.

There where at least 6 people (committer and non-committers) who favoured
the committer only model; and no votes or veto's any other way. 
So Committer only votes it is.

Both the public and the closed voting model got equal amounts of votes. So
I am going to err on the 'safe' site and make this a closed vote done by
the ASF secretary under supervision of the ASF board. This means that voting
is effectively anonymous. Anyone who has issue with the tally or the results 
can however  appeal to the board to ask for records, justifaction or other
clarification. Or you can propose to the board to let an independent
observer verify things.

After some late add/deletes; this is the final list of candidates:
Scott Boag, Matthew B Brandabur, Kelly A. Campbell, Luc Chamberland, 
Shane Curcuru, Vincent Hardy, Ted Leung, Ram Mareddy, Tinny Ng,
Sam Ruby, Davanum Srinivas, Kimbro Staken, Rajesh Thiharie and
Dirk-Willem van Gulik

There where no requests for a fundamentally different voting procedure
so the next stop is a vote. This is outlined in the next message. But
in short - I will send out a template; each committer gets votes; he
or she sends this to the ASF people tallying the results within 3 days.
They will apply some mechanical rules as to which votes are valid and
then let us know the tally as soon as possible thereatfer.

Thanks !


Appendix A - Vote summary:

Key:	Name between brackets means: person was not a comitter 
	or his/her name could not be mapped to /etc/password
	on locus.apche.org OR
	message did not contain a '+1' on a clear vote 
	but was clearly indended as such OR 
	message was a +0.

            5: gears,twleung,kellyc,sboag,andyc,arved,tng,dleslie,dims,

  committers: shane,(martin),(luc),elena,(neilg),arved,


      public: tng,(luc), neilg,shane,
      closed: lehors,arved,(sboag),shane

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