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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <di...@covalent.net>
Subject Re: Size of the PMC - Take II.
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2001 05:46:15 GMT

After catching up with my mail; some extra items (note the renumbering !)

  a2.     veru small 3. 
  b2.     small 5. 
  c2      medium 7.
  d2.	  a bit bigger 9.
  e2.     big - 15 or more.
  f2.	  'a2' plus two standing working groups
		one of all committers and one as
		an advisory board.
  g2.	  like 'f' but combined with 'b2' instead of 'a2'.
  i2.	  like 'f' but combined with 'd2' instead of 'a2'.

Other options you want included ? Or do we want to keep the brief for the
PMC separate from it's size (i.e. what working groups to create, etc.).


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