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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <di...@covalent.net>
Subject Size of the PMC
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2001 04:44:57 GMT

As laid out a couple of times by Roy and me - the role of the PMC is in
part dictated by the charter of the ASF and focuses on coordiation and
oversight - rather on technical issues. Those are assumed to be dealt with
by the committer's or by something coordinated by the PMC.

Given that we now have 14 volunteers - which is a fairly large a number
for a PMC where do we go next. (Though this is a very good number if we
wanted besides a PMC also something which coordinates all the committer
groups. Unfortunately I am not sure that we cover all comiiter groups.)

I've seen several people stressing that '5' would be a good number but
nothing that conclusive or which looked like a vote. And I personally and
generally agree that a smaller number is what we have used in the past and
seems right - I am also sensitive to the fact that a larger PMC might be
able to be more active as it relies less on a few.

However; having said that; this is what the ASF charter says:

Section 6.3. Project Management Committees. 

	In addition to the officers of the corporation, the Board of
	Directors may, by resolution, establish one or more Project
	Management Committees consisting of at least
	one officer of the corporation, who shall be designated chairman
	of such committee, and may include one or more other members of
	the corporation. Unless elected or appointed as an officer in
	accordance with Sections 6.1 and 6.4 of these Bylaws, a member of
	a Project Management Committee shall not be deemed an officer of
	the corporation.

	Each Project Management Committee shall be responsible for the
	active management of one or more projects identified by resolution
	of the Board of Directors which may include, without limitation,
	the creation or maintenance of "open-source" software for
	distribution to the public at no charge. Subject to the direction
	of the Board of Directors, the chairman of each Project Management
	Committee shall be primarily responsible for project(s) managed by
	such committee, and he or she shall establish rules and procedures
	for the day to day management of project(s) for which the
	committee is responsible.

	The Board of Directors of the corporation may, by resolution,
	terminate a Project Management Committee at any time.

Concluding; the requirment is management or oversight. And this clearly
would not rule a PMC of 15 people as out of scope. (Although of course the
board might find this too impractical to even experiment with).

So my question to you is; what size do we think the PMC should be given 
that its role as dictated by the ASF is mundane/legal/oversight - rather
than tech discussion

a.      small 5. 
b       medium 7.
c.	a bit bigger 9.
d.      big - 15 or more.
And is this somethiing we want to talk about futher first - or vote on
soon (in that case - if I see two people seconding a vote I'll call
it). Or do you people want to ask the board if a large number would be
acceptable ? Opinions ?


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