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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <di...@covalent.net>
Subject Volunteers: First Cut
Date Sat, 03 Mar 2001 20:29:31 GMT


Thanks everyone - here is the promised first cut of volunteers !

I've received 8 volunteer proposals sofar; but have not heard from some of
you who expressed an earlier interest. Unless my bookkeeping is wrong:
Doug Davis, Edwin Goei, A Raham, Kim Staken, James Scott, Michael Reynolds
and Arved Sandstrom all expressed some level of interest - but did not
follow up with a reply to the First cut. (This is why I left sending this
message until nowi :-)

In any case - as some of you do not have commit access I cannot put this file
in CVS to let you folks hack/edit/correct it yourselves. So I propose the

1.	Any one who wants to be part of the final list is to volunteer
	on this mailing list before monday 2400 GMT. The entry you 
	submit is the final one.

2.	Any of the people below who want to have their entry improved,
	edited, etc can send me, or this list, a mail message before
	monday 2400 GMT.

3.	Any one who wants to object/comment/etc on this list please 
	do so by monday 2400 GMT.

So this means that we have a 'final' list of volunteers for the PMC by
monday. (Final - unless I hear that this approach is too quick - see below)

There are more than 5 and less then 15 - so we have roughly the right
number of peoplpe to make up a PMC without change. 

Now what do we want to do next ?

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