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From Shane_Curc...@lotus.com
Subject Re: Volunteers: First - cut - Deadline 2nd of March: Shane volunteers
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2001 23:39:19 GMT
> 1.       name
Shane Curcuru  <shane_curcuru@lotus.com> <curcuru@apache.org>

> 2.       Apache affiliations/projects you are working on
xml-xalan committer
daily xml-xerces, xml-crimson, and jakarta-ant user

> 3.       Professional affiliations if you consider it
>          relevant or if you feel you need to disclose them.
IBM Research employee (transferred from Lotus recently, hence the email
Note that although I do work for IBM which ships the LotusXSL processor (a
thin wrapper on top of Xalan, mostly) I definitely feel I wear separate
hats as Apache committer and IBM employee.  I focus my work on Xalan
towards making it the best XSLT processor out there, and to be a 'good
citizen' project in the Apache community.

> 4.       Short summary of what you would bring to the
>          table in term's of experience, idea's. How
>          you see your role in creating synergy between
>          all XML projects.
Lead Java API tester and test automation creator/maintainer for Xalan for
the past 2 years; see http://xml.apache.org/xalan-j/test/
I've been a Software Quality Engineer for 12 years on multiple Lotus
projects including being the 1-2-3 database, cell engine and UI components
testing and automation leads; was the 1-2-3 build engineer; and was the
eSuite Automation Coordinator, where I implemented a common distributed
testing system and trained the eSuite QE team to write their own
Java/JavaScript automation (including many without coding experience).

I could bring experience at helping drive more guidelines and standards for
xml.apache.org project's organizations.  Although I usually hate to admit
it, I can help get projects more on board with a cross-project build system
like Sam Ruby's Gump/Alexandria/whatever we call it now.  I'd also like to
help implement Scott's idea of having common testing infrastructure,
although I believe this will be a significant effort to fully implement.
We'll need both the tools to enable common automation as well as guidelines
for how/what to test, and really good documentation on writing good tests.
I have to admit that one of the challenges for me will be applying my
skills from large corporate projects into the Apache open source model -
where you have few, if any, dedicated 'test' engineers, and everyone's a
volunteer.  One very important thing will be to make our testing story both
make sense to people and be *very* easy to implement for the average
Oh, and a third area I'd like to focus on is improving and coordinating the
overall xml.apache.org documentation set.  I think we do have very good doc
now; just long term I think we need to provide even better documentation to
allow a wider audience to quickly pickup and use Apache tools.

> Next steps; lets agree on sime time line and take it from
> there. Meanwhile is this 'speed' about right; do I need
> to push harder and faster ?

No, I think this speed is pretty good.

Note that Scott Boag and I both work on Xalan; pending discussions between
Scott and myself, and of course the comments and other PMC applicants we
get from this list, we may elect to have just one of us apply for the PMC
to represent Xalan.

- Shane

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